Dot's Homestyle Pretzels

DOT’s Pretzels

Dot’s Pretzels are a special, family snack created many years ago by Dot in her home kitchen.

We’re a family-owned business, as well as a proud member of the Pride of Dakota Brand. With bakeries located in North Dakota, Arizona and Kansas, we strive to grow our pretzel brand far enough so anyone who would like to enjoy them, can!

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Seattle Gummy Company


Dr. Connie Wan founded Seattle Gummy Company (SGC) with a single focus – to make performance-focused gummy products that pair bioactive ingredients with Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).
Through the innovative gummy formulations developed by its in-house PhD. Scientists, SGC is able to revolutionize a household favorite into a results-driven delivery vehicle enabling consumers to GET ___ DONE every day.  All SGC products are vegan, non-GMO, all natural and made in USA.

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Zapp's Potato Chips


Make every day a celebration with our New Orleans Kettle-Style Potato Chips! For over 30 years, we’ve given our chips maverick soul by selecting only the best potatoes, slicing them thicker, and cooking them in our blend of peanut oil.  Naming them with a touch of Cajun flare, we believe our process gives our kettle-style potato chips a louder crunch, a heartier potato taste and embodies the flavors, sights and sounds of New Orleans.  Enjoy and laissez les bon temps rouler!

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South Forty Snacks


At South 40 Snacks we are on a mission to bring moments of pleasure and tranquility – one bite, one bag at a time.  We are obsessed with only sharing the best, keeping it simple, and always being transparent.  But offering a tasty snack and a good source of nutrition is only part of it.  We are passionate about providing a simple product that makes you feel good physically and mentally.  We believe food should be experiential.  If it transports you to an unexpected and wonderful place, we will be happy.

South 40 has the largest, tastiest sunflower seeds in the world.  Eating them is literally the best way to pass the time!

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Blue Dinosaur


To be completely honest, I, Mike, and my partner Tina, never intended to start a health food company. I was happy living my life as a fire fighter who enjoyed the great outdoors and Tina was busy developing a career in events and tourism. We focused our time and energy on working, relaxing, keeping fit, and eating well. A few years ago we adopted a little cat and life in general was pretty good… or so it seemed.

Living a healthy eating lifestyle meant a lot of food prep and always being five meals ahead with our food planning. Where will I be around lunch time? It also meant a distinct lack of convenient snack foods. When an active, healthy eating person was out riding a bike, trekking to base camp, running out the door for work, or had children screaming at them for something yummy… there really were zero healthy options available for an active, healthy person to pull out of their pocket and stuff in their, or their child's mouth.

Eventually, when I was rock climbing with a plastic bag full of chicken breast and walnuts tied to my chalk bag I thought, "there really has to be a better way". So I went home, grabbed the best ingredients I could get my hands on and started blending them together until I had settled on a little nugget of goodness, now formally known as the "Dark Cacao" Paleo Bar. I took these bars to our gym to see what people thought, and before long we were fielding orders from all over the country.

Deciding that our little Paleo Bars were actually worth some time and consideration, we convinced ourselves that Blue Dinosaur was going to change the way the world viewed convenient snack foods and just like that, Blue Dinosaur was born. Our plan was to take the best ingredients we could get our hands on, smash them all together and convince the world that it was no longer acceptable to consume rubbish snack food bars.

Over time Blue Dinosaur has taken over our lives and grown into a wonderful little business that we feel is genuinely creating the best, healthiest, purest and most honest snack food bars in the world. We've added multiple additional flavors to our Paleo Bar range, and also developed our Super Bite range, which have the added plus of antioxidants, immunity, and boost.

Oh, and why did we choose the name Blue Dinosaur? That was nothing more than fulfilling a promise I made to my best mate when I was 14; if either one of us were to start a business, that business would be named Blue Dinosaur. So, as I am a man of my word, that's what I did.

– Mike Watts-Seale, Founder & Director, Blue Dinosaur

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Nuun Hydration


Pronounced, “Noon”
Nuun began as the first company to separate electrolyte replacement from carbohydrates.  The result?  A healthy, hydrating beverage without all of the sugar and additives.  #heckyea?  Over a decade later, Nuun Hydration is hydrating the planet one gamer, runner, surfer, cyclist, mother, yogi at a time (the list goes on…..)!

As the good word about hydration and wellness becomes more widespread, Nuun has become a “must-have” product for more and more people.  Nuun has expanded its product offering from sports hydration roots to include more clean-ingredient lifestyle products for everyday hydration!  Nuun HQ is based in Seattle, WA.  You can find our products sold in over 20,000 outlets in the U.S. and available in over 30 countries.

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Cattaneo Bros


When did convenient, grab-and-go food equate to something full of sugar, preservatives and fillers?  I believe that snacks should provide fuel for your body to do the things you love to do.  Adventure.  Work hard.  Play harder. Learn more.  Snacks should set you up for success for the rest of your day.  I knew how great our product was, and I knew by focusing on our quality of ingredients, simplicity of process and the passion of the people behind the brand, we could make it even better.

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Run Gum


Created for Busy People On The Run
Let’s Face It—whether you are running errands, running kids around, or actually on a run...getting through each day can be hard.

We make Gum with Benefits so that you can get the boost you need to Run Your Day!

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Lenny & Larry's


1993 – Cookie Creators
Two gym rats names Benny and Barry get tired of eating the same boring things to get their protein.  They imagine adding protein to their favorite foods starting with a high protein muffin.  Boom!  Lenny & Larry’s is created, making clean eating the new cool!

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High Brew Coffee Logo


Escape the dark, dull world of cold brew. And take your coffee black, red, green, blue and any color your taste buds can dream of. Because it’s not how you take your coffee, it’s where your coffee takes you. 

 We use premium 100% Direct Trade beans that are cold-brewed over time, not heat, which amplifies their natural flavor and ensures we don’t have all the acidity of your average joe.  Cold brewing our beans is not only simpler, but the uncomplicated process yields a coffee that naturally contains more antioxidants, twice the caffeine, and significantly less acid than a traditionally brewed cup of joe. The result is a refreshing, low sugar, delicious cold brew coffee that will put wind in your sails. 

Cheers to a simple, delicious, elevated natural energy experience y'all!

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Shady Ray's


Our problem with sunglasses for years had been trying to find a pair that can keep up while we're outside running, hiking, working, in the waves, you name it - but we didn't want to wear sunglasses that cost hundreds of dollars and risk breaking, scratching, or losing them. At that price, we didn't even want to risk getting them dirty...

That's why we built Shady Rays.

Quality, Polarized shades that feature Free Replacements* if Lost or Broken to give people (including us!) great shades that you'll never have to worry about breaking or losing because no matter what happens, if you come home without your perfect shades, we've got you with a new pair in a few days. We are proud to be an Independent, American-Owned Sunglasses company that can do things our way.

FOR GAMERS:  Our Blueshade premium lenses filter harmful blue light to protect your eyes while you are indoors or outdoors


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