New Valorant Agent: Gekko

New Valorant Agent: Gekko

Valorant fans, rejoice! Riot Games has finally revealed the 22nd addition to their roster of Agents, Gekko. The announcement trailer was uploaded today to the official Valorant YouTube channel. This young Los Angeles native is set to join the Valorant team during Ep_06 // Act II. Gekko is a radiant Initiator who has the unique ability to summon a crew of cute companions that come to his aid. In this blog post, we’ll be diving deeper into what we know about Gekko through the Valorant announcement trailer, and his abilities. Take a look at the trailer here: Greater Than One //  Gekko Agent Trailer VALORANT 

Who is Gekko?

Gekko is a young adult who seems to be around Neon’s age. In the trailer, he is shown skateboarding around town and doing normal things you would see a young adult doing when procrastinating. Gekko’s companions are cute creatures that help him in everyday situations. It’s not clear if Gekko controls them completely or if they are just good homies, or even his pets.

Gekko is an Initiator, so his abilities are focused on getting him and his team advantages to gain control of an area. His kit is unique and will definitely cause a commotion when he goes live on the Valorant servers. Let’s take a look at his abilities.

Gekko’s abilities

His first ability is Dizzy: 

Dizzy is an ability that sends his flying Snale looking friend, named Dizzy! It send it floating forward, then after a short charge, Dizzy will send out a plasma blast at enemy agents in line of sight, partially blinding them. Instead of looking like a normal flash, this is unique in that I places a splat of goo over the screen, not completely blinding them. After that, Dizzy becomes a blob on the ground that Gekko can pick back up after a short cooldown allowing you to throw it more than once.

His Second ability is Wingman: 

Wingman is the star of Gekko’s kit. It sends out his little walking buddy Wingman out looking for enemies. Once Wingman sees an enemy it will then shoot out a concussive blast revealing them and stunning them. Not only that, but if sent out towards the spike, or while Gekko is holding the spike, Wingman will plant, or diffuse the spike on its own!

Next up is Mosh Pit: 

Mosh pit is an ability that throws a small goo guy like a molly grenade. It pulses like Kayos, but only once, and it covers a larger area on top of being way more deadly. It has two sections, a larger light green area that, can kill fast, and a smaller dark green area that deals massive damage.

Finally, Gekko's Ultimate, Thrash: 

Thrash will him control over his fish friend Thrash. You can detonate Thrash to cause the enemies to be detained for 5 seconds similar to Killjoy’s ult. It has a bigger site range than Sky’s dog ability, quicker and is smaller in size.


Final Thoughts:

Gekko’s abilities are a perfect fit for a more aggressive play style, entry fragging, and getting picks. But can also be played more defensively and sneaky with his wingman ability. He is sure to disrupt the meta with the interesting synergy he will have with other agents. And his ability to be used for gathering info with wingman. Gekko’s unique kit is definitely going to shake things up in Valorant when he goes live. The Valorant team is set for him to go live during Ep_06 // Act II. Get ready to add Gekko to your roster of Agents and give him a try!

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